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Caroline Malott
Lynchburg, Virginia
[email protected]

Welcome to Red Roof KuneKunes!

Baby KuneKune Piglet Size

Red Roof KuneKunes is a hobby farm that raises and sells KuneKune Pigs for breeding, pets, show and homesteading. 

KuneKunes are a wonderful breed of pig that are super friendly and have personalities to match …. it is hard not to fall head over heals in love the minute you meet one.  They are happiest with at least one other pig but once you meet them you will never be able to have just one!

KuneKunes are on the smaller side…. usually between 150 and 250 pounds full grown.  They do not tend to root however they can if grass and grain is sparse.  

KuneKunes have short upturned snouts for grazing.  If they have access to grass all year long, this is all the food they will need however they really enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a pig pellet. 

We sell quality pigs for breeding, showing and homesteading.  In addition we sell pigs that are pet quality.  We can sell singles or breeding pairs / trios.  If Red Roof does not have exactly what you are looking for or need , we can pull from other resources that have comparable quality pigs.  All of our pigs are registered with the AKKPS and come microchipped and DNA tested …. even pet pigs are registered.

Our bloodlines include Trish, Wilsons Gina, Jenny, Rebecca Gina, Huanene, Sally, Kereopa, Andrew, Tonganui, Ru, BH Tutaki and Tuahuru.

All of our piglets are born in heated farrowing quarters and get lots of socialization so that when they go to their new home they are well socialized.  They will start their lives around children, adults, goats, chickens and dogs!  Please refer to our for F&Q page for lots more information on raising Kunekunes.

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