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               RED ROOF KUNEKUNES

KuneKune Pigs For Sale


Brown / White Gilt - RESERVED
JENNY X Mahia Love
Parents are Daisy & Petey
DOB 1/29/18
Ready to go 3/23/18
AKKPS 6355


Taking Deposits* on these litter that are due in the next 2 months - Please see our Boar & Sow pages for pictures of parents.  

(Sally X Andrew)
Due 3/29/18

(Rebecca Gina X BH Tutaki)
Due 4/25/18

(Wilsons Gina X Tuahuru)
Due 5/3/18

(Haunene X Mahia Love)
Due 5/10/18

*Deposits are non refundable but are transferable to other litters


Jenny X Mahia Love

Born 1/29/18

Ready To go 3/23/18

Brown/White Gilt Double Wattled 

Brown/White Gilt Double Wattled 

Brown/White Gilt Double Wattled 

Black/White Boar Double Wattled 

Cream Boar Double Wattled 

Brown/White Boar Double Wattled

White/Brown Boar Double Wattled 

Cream Boar - Reserved

Brown / White Barrow - RESERVED

Brown / White Gilt - Reserved

Black / White Boar - Reserved

White / Brown Boar - Reserved

Brown / White Gilt - Reserved



DOB 4/22/17

Black / White

Double Wattled

Parents are Petey & Annie

$350 Pet Barrow or $400 Meat Pig

Ready to Go

KuneKune Piglet for Sale
KuneKune Piglets For Sale



DOB 4/19/17

Brown / White

Single Wattled

Parents are Macho and Daisy

$350 Pet Barrow or $400 Meat Pig

Ready to Go


Sally X Andrew

Litter Due the end of March 29, 2018

Annie X Alex

Wilson's Gina X Tuahuru

Litter Due May 3, 2018

Ellie X Hotty Toddy

Huanene X Mahia Love 

Litter Due May 10, 2018

Daphne X Petey

Rebecca Gina X BH Tutaki

Litter Due May 25, 2018

Abby & Banjo

Wilsons Gina X Tuahuru

Litter expected in September 2018

Sassy x Toddy

Kereopa X Mahia Love

Litter expected September 2018

Pixie X Petey

Wilsons Gina X Te Whangi

Litter expected September 2018

Josie X Huck

Jenny X Tonganui

Litter expected January 2019

Sadie X Paddy

Mamona X BH Tutaki

Litter expected January 2019

Girdie X Banjo

Tapeka X Andrew

Litter expected March 2019

Emmie X Andrew

Aria Giana X Tuahuru

Litter expected March 2019

Sophie X Toddy

Contact us for information about deposits to reserve your place on the waiting list



By: Caroline Malott

When I first started breeding, it did not take me long to realize the importance of record keeping - not only for myself but also for my buyers. I came up with the idea of a form that all information would be kept on for each individual piglet - both breeding piglets and pet piglets.

It took me many different drafts of my “Take Home Form” to get it to where I was satisfied. There are still changes that I am making for the next time the forms are printed. The forms are carbon paper - one for me and one for my buyer. This “Take Home Form” also serves as my contract for both new piglets and pigs that are being transferred. This form has all the pertinent information needed for me, the seller to register the pigs. The form gives buyers the information they will need for feed, shots, heat lamps, to run COI’s etc. When a litter is born, I start a new form for each piglet. If I have a piglet that passes away I mark the form accordingly. As each piglet sell and has a depositor, I email this form filled out and continue to add to the form until the pig goes home with the original client portion of the form.

I can not tell you how many times this form has truly saved me time and helped me be as organized as possible. I use this form to keep all of my vaccination and DNA records so it is super easy to know which piglet has had what and when. I attach one of the labels that comes with each microchip to this form - this is very useful in identifying piglets easily when you have piglets that look similar. When I register or transfer the pig, this form has everything that I need to do the registration papers correctly and it definitely saves a lot of time having everything in one place and on one piece of paper. I have also used this form with existing clients to run COI’s with currently owned piglets to new ones I have for sale.

I hope that sharing this form will help other buyers with ideas for their own form if they choose to create a “Take Home Form.”

Past Piglets